That time of year again!


Yes…It is that time of year again! The time where we all feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to complete everything on the ‘to do list’. Some things get pushed aside so other things can make their way through and get done. Between marking, report cards, finishing up lessons, final assignments, followed by more marking, we really do not have enough time to think ahead! BUT, although you may not think so, many people do and have already started preparing for the new school year (like our one and only, Loriana). Between getting new thinsg for the classroom, to throwing things out, organzing, thinking of new ideas, new plans, new everything!


Today I was browsing through our products to see which direction to take for the new school year – what we can add, change, improve on, etc. and I came across the ‘Essential Teacher Binder’ that has pretty much everything you need! So here I am to give you a brief overview of what it is these great binder’s include (just to get you thinking…possibly to get you started!):

What is “Your Essential Teacher Binder”?

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We’ve all heard of the famous “teacher binder” that contains everything that you need to run your class and lessons successfully!  It is essential to your teaching, but not everything fits into the three rings of a binder, so we added in a few resources for your classroom too!  We like to think of “Your Essential Teacher Binder” as a collection of teacher resources to help you organize both your teaching and your classroom.

All teachers have various ways of organizing their lessons, plans, and classrooms; however, we have grouped together a great set of resources to assist you in this endeavor!

So what’s included in this classroom kit?
– Desk nameplates (2/sheet) for both upper and lower grades
– Student hook/cubby nameplates (6/sheet) that can also be used to label bins etc
– Hall pass, office pass, and washroom pass
– Bookmarks (4/sheet) with “During Reading” suggestions
– Monthly student behavior log (2/sheet)
– “While You Were Absent” sheet for students
– Classroom job labels (30 different jobs to choose from!)
– Student of the Month an d Week (upper and lower grades)
– Student Birthday Postcards (2/sheet)
– Lesson plan monthly cover pages
– Classroom calendar monthly labels for both upper and lower grades
– Subject area cover pages for lesson and unit plans
– Substitute teacher feedback form
– Professional development log and Staff meeting record sheet
– Parent contact log (individual student)
– Month at a glance, Monthly plan at a glance, Week at a glance
– Individual student and whole class information sheet (5 students/sheet)
– End of the year classroom inventory
– Lesson plan and mark book cover page

We have tried to include as many printables that we could think of, but if you have any suggestions, please let us know and we’ll add them in!

These kits come in a variety of themes, including outer space, aliens, polka dots, swirls, monsters, apples and ocean!  But we also have a customization option available to suit your themes, colors and designs in your classroom.  View our Customizable Teacher Binder for further information.

Check out for more ideas and resources!

These binders have been an absolute hit, with great feedback. People were getting them at the end of the school year last year, at the beginning of the school year and believe it or not, even through the school year (it never is too late to get organized).

Check it out!!!




Words to Live by Wednesdays – “Far from what I once was…”

words to live by

Wow! Yes…it has been a long time. If you have read our most current post, we have been busy at work! But, today I bring to you: Words to Live by Wednesdays! Let’s get back on a roll here!

Today’s quote fits this time of year as many students now feel that they have advanced in many ways, both academically, socially, mentally, emotionally, etc. However, although they feel different, further ahead, more mature….they are also feeling as though there is so much ahead. We are now at that time of year, the crunch time. Everything is due, there are tests, assignments, presenations and more. Some students still have the motivation and are still handing in their best; whereas, others are starting to feel the weight. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a time of mixed feelings…a time of reflection. Students are feeling further ahead then where they started back in September, yet there is so much more ahead. Between finishing the school year and planning for the new school year, students are feeling the whole ‘ happy where they are but not yet where they want to be’!  Actually, many of us teachers feel that way too!

Print our quote and post it in your classroom. It’s the perfect time it up, reflect on it, discuss it and more!

We will be back next week for ‘Words to Live by Wednesdays’!

far from what i once was


Learning the ABC’s the fun way!

IMG_1629Not too long ago, on the great ‘Pinterest’, I came across a great idea! Taking those fun, foam ABC puzzles that you can find at almost any and every dollar store (Dollarama forsure as that’s where I picked up mine) and creating a book! Simple to do and a fun activity to engage in to further encourage and motivate our young ones to learn all sorts of things such as the ABC’s or numbers or shapes and animals, etc. If your creating this for your classroom, be it for the JK’s or SK’s or even grade ones, twos…all depending on what your using the activity for, you can definitely come up with different ways to incorporate this great idea. As for myself, with a little one at home who is now just past 1 year and a half, I decided to take the puzzle pieces and glue them to a large bristol board. Doing it this way simplifed it for her in the sense that she is now able to see the entire alphabet. I then lay out all the letters (when we first started, we started with only a few at a time and gradually added more and more) and she then matches them with the corresponding puzzle piece. It is fascinating just how easily she has picked this up! From simply matching letters to puzzle pieces, we are now working on colors, sounds of letters, etc. This activity is fantastic and defintiely age appropriate – it’s never too early to start! Having said that, going back to basing this activity on the age group you are working with, you can do it with the bristol board, make a book….use it within a short lesson, part of a learning centre, as an independent and quiet activity, etc. You can take this idea in any direction! Try it out out and if you do so…let us know how it worked out for you or if you have figured out any other great ideas that we can try out too!!!


Abstract Art : Examples


In my previous post on Abstract Art, I mentioned I would post a few examples as they were done! Again, this is such a great, simple and interesting activity for your students! The Grade 5’s truly enjoyed doing it! We started off with making 6 straight lines across the page, leaving space in between each line. Once the lines were drawn, we began adding in circles. Most students chose to draw the same size circle a few times across their page but it would also be quite interesting if you take different size circles and draw them across your page. It would definitely add to the whole ‘abstract’ look! With two different colored pencil crayons or marker to start, begin coloring one section at a time, alternation between the two colors. The idea is to not have any two of the colors touching! It’s all about alternationg! Opposites! Take a closer look at the examples from the Grade 5’s! It looks confusing and abstract to the eye, yet so fun and simple to do!!! It definitely engages your students! Try it out 🙂


red         pink


Words to Live by Wednesdays : Earth Day


With Earth day around the corner, there have been many ideas passing – from activities, to initiatives, to posters and more! While searching and making my through all of it, I came across a great pin on pinterest! A great Earth Day poster. This is just a simple idea to get you started on creating a poster of your own! Personalize it! Make it yours! Include some of the things you are doing with your own classroom…..with your students… your school….in your community! Work together with others to create a great, personal poster for your class or school! Another idea: Have the students each create one 🙂 Either or works!!! It’s yet another item to add to your Earth Day ‘Ideas’ List!’


Don’t forget to check back with us next week for your Words to Live by Wednesdays!

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“In Today’s Blog, the Teaching Rocks Contributors explore ways to incorporate environmental awareness into daily classroom/home activities. Check out “Earth Day, Any Day: 12 Ways to Celebrate All Year Round”

The three of us, here at Teaching Rocks, would like to share with all of you one of our most current accomplisments! Just last week, we were contacted on behalf of Scholar’s Choice whom might I add, has just recently launched an online community that includes blogs from both teachers and/or parents! We were asked to be part of this community! We were definitely interested in taking this opportunity in collaborating with Scholar’s Choice, as we are now contributing and sharing blog articles, resources and activities with a new community! We began working right away on our first article titled,‘Earth Day, Any day: 12 ways to celebrate all year round. Although Earth Day festivities usually take place during the week of April 22, you can definitely incorporate small activities on a daily or weekly basis. There are various ways in which you can integrate green initiatives into your classroom and school routines. Follow the link which will take you to Scholar’s Choice online community where you will find our very FIRST article which was just published on April 14. Again, we are just so happy and proud to be a part of this community and couldn’t wait to share our news with all of you! Take a moment and read the article – it’s a fantastic resource! Share the link with a friend!