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Loriana, Elita and Lisa


Something New, Something Different – Check out ‘Simply Made by Lisa’

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Along with working on creating fantastic resources for our fellow friends here at Teaching Rocks, I have also taken interest in a new, creative and unique hobby! I have called it ‘Simply Made’ – custom made wood blocks and other things!

Here you will find creative customized wood blocks and letters, specially designed to add character to your little one’s nursery, child’s room, as well as, other rooms in your home. They also make the perfect gift for others who may be expecting, have just had a little one, got engaged, married, accomplished something great, graduated from school, having a special birthday, a token of thanks to friends, teachers and SO much more! Simply put, these blocks and letters, among other things can be created to match any theme, print or occasion! The possibilities are truly endless!

I have also created a folder filled with personalized subway art and decorative posters to match any of your sets, or to make a special gift on it’s own!

I get special requests all the time and am happy to hear any and all of your ideas! I truly enjoy making new things and love how the projects have been coming out!

This is the best time to start looking at some new things for your classroom, which is why I decided to post today about ‘Simply Made’. I have been getting some special requests such as initials for teacher’s desks, welcome blocks, name blocks and much more! You should definitely check it out! I have a page on facebook where you can take a look at all the projects I have worked on and completed so far…be sure to ‘like’ my page while you are there! I also have a board on Pinterest  where you can also see the many completed projects! I would love to hear any feedback! Let me know what you think!

pics 214pics 217blocks 003

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Loriana, Elita and Lisa

Abstract Art

Today, with the grade 4’s, we worked on abstract art. Actually, we worked on one of the art activities that Loriana had mentioned in a previous ‘Tuesday 12’. The students really enjoyed working on this activity. What is there not to like? Paint and brushes?! There is just something about it that students really enjoy. I think I had them at abstract –  for some, I think it is a relief when they know that their final picture does not HAVE to look like something.

However, for this particular activity, although the painting part is abstract and can be done in any which way, they were to draw an natural image (ex. a tree) and include it in their painting. Here is what we did step by step.

I gave students two different options so that they can individually choose which option works best for them as we all know that students have various strengths and weaknesses.

Option one allowed students the choice to draw the image on black construction paper, cut it out and then glue it on a piece of white paper. From here, students are to then take a paint brush and water colors and begin painting. They could choose to paint section by section, with each section have a specific color or they could start with one color, leading into another and then another, creating an overall interesting effect. Some students really liked this option.

simona 244simona 242

The second option gave students the choice to paint the white sheet of paper first, keeping with the same idea as in option one; however, in this option they do not have to paint within lines of an image. Rather they are painting a blank sheet of paper in it’s entirety. Once they have painted the white sheet, they can put this aside to dry and move on to creating their image on a sheet of black construction paper. After doing so, they will complete the same steps – cut it out and then glue it in their painting (which should be dry as they are using water colors). Most of the students chose this option.

simona 237 simona 238

Regardless of the options the students chose, which again, was to help them complete this activity in a way in which they felt comfortable with, the final pieces turned out great! Although somewhat alike in many ways, each piece of artwork was different, interesting, creative and quite unique. From trees to flowers to clouds – they came out great!

simona 249    simona 246   simona 247

I have included quite a few examples just to show you how these abstract paintings turned out. You can definitely work with this activity in a number of ways. We chose to work with larger sheets of paper, but you can also work with smaller sheets. We chose to work with white and black, but you can also choose to work with different colors of construction paper; however, to create the effect as shown, go for the black construction paper. It stands out amazingly! You can work with specific colors of water paint, or allow them to use all and any. You can have them stick to creating trees, or allow them to create any image they like. Again, so many different ways to work with it!

Overall, it is a great activity to allow student’s creativity to roll! All you need is time and materials and ofcourse, prior knowledge and experience with abstract art, lines and water colors! Definitely a fun, interesting and simple activity!




Words to Live by Wednesdays: What you do today…

We are always trying to further encourage our students –  More and more so now, as we are nearing the end of the school year. It always seems as though it gets harder and harder at this time of year, to keep our students engaged and motivated. It is at this particular point in time, that we need to find ways to keep them interested and on task. There are many ways to do this. Anywhere from creating different and new ways to deliver a lesson, organizing interesting ways to complete assignments or presentations and sometimes, even through our words. Words are powerful and can definitely make a difference. We need to choose them wisely, especially at this time! For our older students, what we say means something…. it helps them think, reflect and act upon.

Today, we have created a poster that will help you do just that. Put it up in your class…and keep it up! Find more to put up! One thing I found that really helped with the intermediates, is having quote of the day! At this time of year, it is more important then ever to find the right ones!


Stay tunes for our ‘Words to Live by Wednesdays!’



At school today, I came across a really great poster that I would definitely love to put up in my classroom. I thought I would share it with you as you might be interested just the same in either putting it up now or even for your classroom in September. Yet another thing to think about – new posters for your classroom.


 I think this is a great poster to help encourage your students to begin thinking about what they want to say, need to say and have to say out loud in class. If you follow this, I truly think it will help shape the dynamics of the classroom…the overall atmosphere. It helps students understand and realize whether or not they need to share everything and anything, as well as, it further guides them to narrow down what they share to things that are relevant, true, respectful, motivating, etc.

Try it out! It may take time at first, depending on the grade level but is definitely worth implementing. At the end of the day, we each do this on a daily basis or at least try to encourage our students to do. Why not create a poster to have it up in your class for your students to see and be reminded by each time they want to share something!!!

Let us know what you think! We’re always happy to hear feedback!