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“In Today’s Blog, the Teaching Rocks Contributors explore ways to incorporate environmental awareness into daily classroom/home activities. Check out “Earth Day, Any Day: 12 Ways to Celebrate All Year Round”

The three of us, here at Teaching Rocks, would like to share with all of you one of our most current accomplisments! Just last week, we were contacted on behalf of Scholar’s Choice whom might I add, has just recently launched an online community that includes blogs from both teachers and/or parents! We were asked to be part of this community! We were definitely interested in taking this opportunity in collaborating with Scholar’s Choice, as we are now contributing and sharing blog articles, resources and activities with a new community! We began working right away on our first article titled,‘Earth Day, Any day: 12 ways to celebrate all year round. Although Earth Day festivities usually take place during the week of April 22, you can definitely incorporate small activities on a daily or weekly basis. There are various ways in which you can integrate green initiatives into your classroom and school routines. Follow the link which will take you to Scholar’s Choice online community where you will find our very FIRST article which was just published on April 14. Again, we are just so happy and proud to be a part of this community and couldn’t wait to share our news with all of you! Take a moment and read the article – it’s a fantastic resource! Share the link with a friend!

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