Abstract Art



Tomorrow, I will be working on Abstract Art with the Grade 5 students – something I know they will definitely have fun with! A great, easy technique enjoyed by most, as you can do just about anything with it! It’s all about the lines – drawing them straight, across, intertwining them, adding in circular lines, etc. The best part for most students, in which I think explains the reason as to why they enjoy it so much, is that it doesn’t HAVE to look like something. In other words, their finishing picture does not need to represent a house, or an animal, or a thing per se. Rather, it’s simply about creating something original, different and interesting! As an idea from a fellow colleague, we decided to pull an activity from a great link called ‘Teach Kids Art’ .  This site has great resources for teaching kids art, along with various activities in which you can easily engage in with your students! If you click on the picture above, it will direct you to the activity in which I will be working on tomorrow! I will be sure to post pictures once we are done! Enjoy!



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