We are always struggling with moving our students along the learning continuum.  We have a wide array of curriculum to teach.  When it comes to Mathematics and the acquisition of this amazing subject, we must be able to decompose the facts and their strategies before we are able to teach it to our students.  We are skilled and have great knowledge but sometimes it is difficult to revert back down to the basics.  We must teach addition facts in their most simplest forms.  Studies show that students will be more successful when these basic addition facts are acquired in the proper order.  I have provided a quick description of each one with an example of how to demostrate and teach that fact.   Print it out (link below) and keep it in your teacher binder.  Even if you teach higher than grade 3, you never know when you will be teaching a student who has learning gaps that you will need to address.  Addition Fact Strategies



Strategies for Basic Addition Facts — 1 Comment

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