What Does a Good Scientist Do? Science Process Skills Poster Set

We’ve added a new product to our Teachers Pay Teachers store!  A bright and colourful six poster set that helps students understand science process skills.  The six posters outline the processes of observation, inferring, predicting, experimenting, investigating, and analyzing.  Check it out!


Classroom and School Green Initiatives: A Planning Sheet

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful summer weather and appreciating your well-deserved time off!  So, isn’t now the perfect time to begin planning for September?! Well, if you’re anything like me, after a few lazy days in the sun, my mind begins to wander back to my classroom and I begin to plan out the upcoming school year. As much as I enjoy the freedom of summer vacation, I love returning to a sparkling clean classroom, neatly arranged desks, and freshly sharpened pencils. One of the best things about a new school year is the ability to begin with a fresh start and now is the perfect time to explore some green initiatives for your classroom and school.

If you haven’t already, check out this week’s installment of The Tuesday 12: 12 Green Initiatives for Your Classroom and School.  The 12 green initiatives are subdivided into three groups:  simple steps, ones that require a bit more time, and finally a few that are much larger projects.  It’s up to you to decide how many and what type of green initiatives you would like to try out, but just remember that every step counts, so even simple steps towards being more eco-friendly  make a big impact!

Here’s a teacher planner to help you organize your green initiatives for the school year!

Strategies for Basic Subtraction Facts

In a previous post, I wrote about and prepared reference sheets on how and in which order we as teachers should teach basic addition facts.  I have extended this to now include basic subtraction facts. 

Helping students acquire these skills will map out success for them in future years.  Print these out and keep them in your teacher binder for your reference.  We are always faced with students that have different learning experiences and even though you teach middle to higher grades you never know when you need to start right from the beginning!

Basic Subtraction Facts

Day Schedule to aid Transition Times

One strategy in aiding classroom management and reducing transition times is to have a day plan posted detailing the upcoming events.  This visual display aids students in knowing what is expected and at what times.   Helping students organize their time is an essential skill.  Through demonstrating that plans are in place, students know that you are organized and they will strive to be as well.  We have prepared a Customizable Day Schedule for you to display for your class.  There are 4 themes available (stars, stripes, polka dots & swirls), but should you need any other theme please communicate with us (tradmin@teachingrocks.ca) and we will definitely help you out! Click on the links below to find our products

New Addition to “Your Essential Teacher Binder”: Ocean Theme!

What is “Your Essential Teacher Binder”? We’ve all heard of the famous “teacher binder” that contains everything that you need to run your class and lessons successfully! It is essential to your teaching, but not everything fits into the three rings of a binder, so we added in a few resources for your classroom too! We like to think of “Your Essential Teacher Binder” as a collection of teacher resources to help you organize both your teaching and your classroom.

All teachers have various ways of organizing their lessons, plans, and classrooms; however, we have grouped together a great set of resources to assist you in this endeavor!

So what’s included in this classroom kit? There are more than 70 pages featuring:
- Desk nameplates (2/sheet) for both upper and lower grades
- Student hook/cubby nameplates (6/sheet) that can also be used to label bins etc
- Hall pass, office pass, and washroom pass
- Bookmarks (4/sheet) with “During Reading” suggestions
- Monthly student behavior log (2/sheet)
- “While You Were Absent” sheet for students
- Classroom job labels (30 different jobs to choose from!)
- Student of the Month an d Week (upper and lower grades)
- Student Birthday Postcards (2/sheet)
- Lesson plan monthly cover pages
- Classroom calendar monthly labels for both upper and lower grades
- Subject area cover pages for lesson and unit plans
- Substitute teacher feedback form
- Professional development log and Staff meeting record sheet
- Parent contact log (individual student)
- Month at a glance, Monthly plan at a glance, Week at a glance
- Individual student and whole class information sheet (5 students/sheet)
- End of the year classroom inventory
- Lesson plan and mark book cover page

We have tried to include as many printables that we could think of, but if you have any suggestions, please let us know and we’ll add them in!

These kits come in a variety of themes, including outer space, aliens, polka dots, swirls, monsters, apples, and now…oceans!


Words To Live by Wednesdays – “Dreams can come true…”

What a great quote for you to share with your students and in turn,

for your students to think about, reflect on and believe in!

Click on the image below and print! Enjoy!

Stay tuned for next weeks ‘Words to Live by’.