Over the past few weeks, we posted a number of lesson plans teaching the young minds about The First Nations People. From clothing to transportation, food and religious beliefs, among a couple of others, we are now posting a final test to use with your students in correspondance to the lesson plans and worksheets. You will find that this test sums up all the important information that your students would have learned and should now know about The First Nations People. It will further allow you to see just how much they have learned and whether there are specific areas you may need to return to, to touch upon. Feel free to alter the test – add to it, remove, make any changes to better suit your students and class as a whole!


Learning about the First Nations People – Final Test — 1 Comment

  1. I like the first nation (gr 3)resources and would love to use it with my students. Can you please give me the website where I can get the answers for all the worksheets. Thank you.

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