We have been posting a few lessons over the past couple of months and are now on post 6 of ‘Learning about First Nations People’. Just last week we posted Lesson 5: Transportation. This week we are adding Lesson 6: Religious Beliefs. Again, we hope you are finding these lesson plans and corresponding worksheets helpful within your classroom. Let us know if you have tried any or all of them, and the experience you had with your students. We always love to We would love to hear back from you. Let us know what you think. Share your experiences.

For this weeks Lesson, just click on the link : http://teachingrocks.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/first-nations-lesson-6.doc

…and for the lesson plan, click on the image below and print!


Learning about First Nations People: Religous Beliefs — 3 Comments

  1. Hi, Just wondering where you got your resources from (ie, Religious Beliefs of First Nations People)?

    These lesson are VERY helpful with my unit! I’m currently teaching in a First Nations Community, and am trying to teach them about their own culture and people. These are very helpful and thorough!
    Thanks Again!

  2. Thank you for providing such a thorough unit. It will help in accurately teaching the unit. It is also children friendly.

  3. Are you kidding me!!!!!! For one thing my culture is not religion!!!! And it is not an accurate unit!!!! what year are you basing this on?????? As a First nation educator and woman this is pathetic you should not even be posting this to teach!! and on top of it you have to pinterst it!!! I certainly hope you are not first nation because you certainly need to know and learn your culture!!! Teachers should not be using this as part of their curriculum!!!

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