Learning about ‘First Nations People’: An Introductory Lesson

Here is the first post to a series of posts covering information about ‘First Nations People’. This lesson is simply an introduction to ‘First Nations people’, to help your students understand and able to further describe the communities of early settlers and First Nations People in Upper Canada around 1800. Beginning with a whole class activity and ending with independent work, you will find this lesson extremely useful when planning a unit plan. Stay tuned for more lesson plans and worksheets to help guide you when planning your unit plan!  Click on the image below for the lesson plan! The link below the lesson plan is the corresponding worksheet for independent work.

first nations- lesson 1 worksheet


Learning about ‘First Nations People’: An Introductory Lesson — 4 Comments

  1. Hi your lesson plans are great!! This is exactly what im looking for :)


    Where can I find “the story of the introduction to First Nations People” ?

    • Great to hear that you are finding these lesson plans useful! Initially, when I taught my grade 3 class, I used a series of books that were divided by subtitles (introduction, food, shelter, etc.); however, I am now working on a few changes, as I have found a fantastic website that can be used not only to create worksheets, but also for students to utilize to complete worksheets and for research. Check out http://www.ecokids.ca/pub/homework_help/first_nations/index.cfm It is divided by subtitle as well (Introduction, Tribal groups, food, shelter, etc.). The best part is, it is an online source that is user friendly for your students! Let me know if you find this site helpful. In the meantime, I will continue to work on upcoming lesson plans and worksheets based on this site, as well, will alter the worksheets previously posted to correspond with this particular site. Thank you for leaving feedback and for inquiring information based on these lesson plans!

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  3. Hi Lisa
    The echo kids website is excellent but I would still like to know the Introductory books or the series you originally used?
    Thanks Michele

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