On a previous post, I provided a list of common characteristics found in gifted students in a effort to identify students.  It is very important to know the signs but have found that there are many myths surrounding gifted students as well.   As I learn more on this topic, I want to share with you what I have found so far.  Parents, teachers and students alike perpetuate these myths and in turn really affect gifted students negatively.  You will find a quick reference guide dispelling some of the most common myths and stereotypes. 

These myths and stereotypes are compiled from an article “36 Myths and Stereotypes of Gifted Students: Awareness for the Classroom Teacher”.

It was written by Nicholas Colangelo ( a university professor from University of Iowa.  As well, he is the Director of The Connie Belin & Jacqueline N. Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development.

Furthermore he is an author and editor of articles centred on the Education, Policies, and Standards of Practice regarding gifted and talented individuals.

Myths and Stereotypes


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