Choral Reading: A Lesson Plan to develop understanding of Mood through Diverse Expression

Students need to understand what they read.  They need to be able to utilize their schema to make connections, and critically think about concepts presented.  I have found that choral reading aids, students even the most reluctant ones, to help build … Continue reading →

We All Fit Together: A Fun Community Building Activity for Your Students!

Whether you are already back with your students or still preparing your classroom for the new school year, we have the perfect activity to help connect your students! In this activity, each student receives a puzzle piece that they are … Continue reading →

Medieval Activities

From my experience, teaching a unit on Medieval Times is one of the best parts of the curriculum.    There are so many ideas, activities that can be done.  I find that organizing my ideas for the upcoming unit helps me plan … Continue reading →

Keeping Parents in the Know!

  How many times have you sent a graded test or assignment home in order to communicate with parents regarding the achievement of their son or daughter?  More often than not, that vital piece of information was never shown, and … Continue reading →