Transition Times ~ Addition Question Pack

 Interruptions are always occurring but there are ways to manage them. With Day Plan Schedules, Essential Teacher Binders packs, and strategies that we as teachers already have in place, we organize and prepare the best we can.  Another component of being prepared … Continue reading →

Mathematics Quick Question Pack

Here is another great product for your classroom!  This pack (one of many to come!) addresses transition times.  We all know that to settle students down after an interruption is a difficult task.  Start the year off, set up your expectations.  … Continue reading →

Homework Paper, Reflection Paper and Behavior Paper!

Looking for new classroom management ideas? suggestions? tips? techniques? We just posted a few ideas to our store including a Homework Paper, Reflection Paper and Behavior Paper. Here is a brief description of each: ‘Behavior Paper’ (2 pages) – This is … Continue reading →

Classroom and School Green Initiatives: A Planning Sheet

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful summer weather and appreciating your well-deserved time off!  So, isn’t now the perfect time to begin planning for September?! Well, if you’re anything like me, after a few lazy days in the … Continue reading →

Strategies for Basic Subtraction Facts

In a previous post, I wrote about and prepared reference sheets on how and in which order we as teachers should teach basic addition facts.  I have extended this to now include basic subtraction facts.  Helping students acquire these skills will … Continue reading →