Gr 4 Science Unit ~ Habitats and Communities

We have done it again! We have now compiled a complete unit for Habitats and Communities to help you in your Gr. 4 Understanding Life Science Strand.   This unit, just like our Combined Gr. 4/5 Science Unit for (Habitats … Continue reading →

Three Part Lessons ~ What is a Math Congress?

Here it is, the last installment on my three part lesson plan series.  After discussing the concept of Bansho and Gallery Walk, we move onto another instructional strategy that supports the development of mathematical thought.  This last part is called … Continue reading →

Three Part Lessons ~ What is Gallery Walk?

Our previous posts have been on understanding what three part lessons are, how to design and implement them and how to utilize the Japanese technique Bansho in your classroom.  Today we are writing about how Gallery Walk is a technique to … Continue reading →

The three part lesson ~ What is Bansho?

Once you have chosen problem-solving questions that are engaging and demanding both procedurally and conceptually, it is time for your students to work in their groups.  When they have worked through a solution it is time to have the deep … Continue reading →

Three Part Lessons ~ Teaching Math through Problem Solving

Being teachers means that we are always learning new and exciting ways to build our students knowledge.  New methods and research are always available and great new developments are pushed forward.  The Three-Part Lesson is one of the new methods … Continue reading →