Gr 4 Science Unit ~ Habitats and Communities

We have done it again! We have now compiled a complete unit for Habitats and Communities to help you in your Gr. 4 Understanding Life Science Strand.   This unit, just like our Combined Gr. 4/5 Science Unit for (Habitats … Continue reading →

Word Wall Fun Pack ~ Science

We know to create word walls for our language program.  It really doesn’t matter if you are teaching primary, junior or intermediate students.  There is always a need to develop their vocabulary.  But word walls don’t just aid in the … Continue reading →

The Tuesday 12: 12 Great Teacher Resources all about CELLS! Worksheets, animations, labs, and so much more!

For this week’s Tuesday 12, I will be providing teachers with a list of some great resources to help them teach their students all about cells.  The resources range from animations, labs, worksheets, movies, games, and even a cell rap! … Continue reading →

Check out our Combined Grade 4/5 Science Unit (Habitats and Organ Systems) to Meet Ontario Curriculum Expectations!

It’s always a bit nerve-racking when you find out that you have been assigned a combined grade for the next year.  Combined grade classrooms come with a variety of challenges for teachers, the most prominent being that teachers need to … Continue reading →

Integrating Science Across the Curriculum: A Great Science and Phys Ed Activity!

human body fitness circuit

One of the best strategies a teacher can learn is how to create cross-curricular units, lessons, and activities.  There are so many curriculum expectations to cover and you may begin to feel overwhelmed; however, cross-curricular integration will allow you to … Continue reading →

Cross-Curricular Integration: Journal Writing in the Science Classroom

Sometimes it feels that no matter how well I try to organize lessons, units, and long range plans, there never appears to be enough hours in the school day to cover all the curriculum expectations!  One of the best strategies … Continue reading →