Integrating Science Across the Curriculum: A Great Science and Phys Ed Activity!

human body fitness circuit

One of the best strategies a teacher can learn is how to create cross-curricular units, lessons, and activities.  There are so many curriculum expectations to cover and you may begin to feel overwhelmed; however, cross-curricular integration will allow you to … Continue reading →

The Tuesday 12: 12 Stretches That Will Energize your Students

Welcome to today’s Tuesday 12!  This edition will provide you with great stretching activities that students can do inside the classroom.  It is well known that students need intermittent breaks within the day to stretch and give their bodies a … Continue reading →

The Tuesday 12: 12 Green Initiatives for Your Classroom and School!

One of the best things about a new school year is the ability to begin with a fresh start and now is the perfect time to explore some green initiatives for your classroom and school. Simple steps 1. Take your … Continue reading →

Medieval Activities

From my experience, teaching a unit on Medieval Times is one of the best parts of the curriculum.    There are so many ideas, activities that can be done.  I find that organizing my ideas for the upcoming unit helps me plan … Continue reading →

Keeping Parents in the Know!

  How many times have you sent a graded test or assignment home in order to communicate with parents regarding the achievement of their son or daughter?  More often than not, that vital piece of information was never shown, and … Continue reading →

Teaching Students Healthy Living Skills: A Case Study Approach!

The following activity is a great culminating task once you have taught your students about healthy meal options, physical activity components, and why it is important to make healthy lifestyle choices.  Instead of simply asking students to explain the previous … Continue reading →