Bullying and its Many Forms

Understanding what Bullying Looks and Sounds like is essential to helping students help themselves and others.  Dr. Michele Borba (www.micheleborba.com) writes that “Bullying is a cruel and/or aggressive act that is done on purpose.  The bully has more power (strength, … Continue reading →

Remembrance Day ~ A way to remember

Our previous post this week was about Remarkable Remembrance Day Resources (Tuesday 12) and they truly are extensive!  In this post, you will find petitions that can be read over the PA system, or at your school activities to honour the lives … Continue reading →

How to help students set and reach their goals! Read all about it on www.TeachHUB.com!

At the beginning of each school year, I give each one of my students a yellow star and they write their names on the front. On the back, I ask them to write out three goals that they hope to … Continue reading →

Words to Live By Wednesdays: Michael Jordan

In this week’s edition of “Words to Live by Wednesdays,” we will continue along yesterday’s theme of sports quotes. I really love to share this quote from Michael Jordan with my students because they usually see Michael Jordan as a … Continue reading →