Grade 5 Science Human Organ Systems Cross Curricular Unit

We have been hard at work and have prepared a new and exciting Science Unit! This grade 5 unit meets the Ontario Science Curriculum Expectations for Understanding Life Systems Strand (Human Organ Systems). We strive to create units that are … Continue reading →

The Tuesday 12: 12 Awesome Digital Resources for Your Classroom (Word clouds, comics, infographics, math, classroom management, and so much more!)

In this week’s edition of The Tuesday 12, we’re looking at some excellent digital resources for your classroom! There are so many great sites out there that would be beneficial to both teachers and students, but here are 12 that … Continue reading →

How Can Teachers Use Concept Maps to Inform their Teaching?

Concept maps are an effective way for students to organize ideas, link new learning to previous experiences, and make connections between various concepts.Not only are concept maps great for students, but they can be used by teachers as well. I … Continue reading →

Asking Prompting Questions During Math Instruction: Resources for Teachers

Elita has done a great job explaining the three-part math lesson with posts on Bansho, Gallery Walks, and Math Congress. The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat has an excellent resource on the three-part lesson in math, which also includes a series … Continue reading →

Homework Woes ~ Strategies that Help Diminish Incomplete Assignments

So you have created meaningful and thought provoking homework for your students.  You have incorporated a diverse range of final products that can be submitted.  You have clearly established timelines, consistently reminded your students of the deadline coming up and … Continue reading →