Grade 5 Science Human Organ Systems Cross Curricular Unit

We have been hard at work and have prepared a new and exciting Science Unit! This grade 5 unit meets the Ontario Science Curriculum Expectations for Understanding Life Systems Strand (Human Organ Systems). We strive to create units that are … Continue reading →

Inferring with Illustrations

Inferring is a difficult critical thinking skill that all readers need to develop in order to deepen their understanding of written literature.  Scaffolding skills are essential in order for students to build their understanding.  Utilizing picture books or illustrations will … Continue reading →

Factor Sticks: A Math Center to Review Factors

Today’s post is about practice and review.   We have prepared a product for your classroom where students can independently review their factor identification and recognition.  Our Factor Sticks are simple to assemble, just print, paste and laminate.  Students will immediately … Continue reading →

Literacy Planning Sheet: An Organizational Tool

How many times do you read a piece of text, be it a poem, book, article, song lyrics, and think about how it can be utilized to teach concepts in literacy to your students?  I have found that I do … Continue reading →

Word Wall Fun Pack – Math

In previous posts, we mentioned our ‘Word Wall Fun Packs’ for verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, grammar terms and the complete bundle, as well as, science terms which all can be found at our stores on both and … Continue reading →

Word Wall Fun Pack ~ Science

We know to create word walls for our language program.  It really doesn’t matter if you are teaching primary, junior or intermediate students.  There is always a need to develop their vocabulary.  But word walls don’t just aid in the … Continue reading →