The Tuesday 12: 12 Terrifyingly Terrific Halloween Poems

In this week’s edition of The Tuesday 12, we’ll be looking at 12 terrifying terrific Halloween poems! I’ve tried to include spooky poems for various grade levels, so that this can be a resource for any teacher (or parent)!  Just … Continue reading →

The Tuesday 12: 12 Spooktastic Halloween Crafts Your Students Will Love!

In this week’s edition of The Tuesday 12, we’re looking at Halloween activities that your students will love! It may seem a bit early for Halloween, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to plan ahead and get everything … Continue reading →

Substitute Teachers ~ What you should leave for your substitute

What do you leave as plans when you are away? How about in your folder as information to the substitute teacher? First, let me start by saying that substitute teachers are educated, knowledgeable and also teachers.  This post is not … Continue reading →

Parent Communication: Sharing Good News!

Do you sometimes feel that you only communicate with parents when you need to inform them about a problem with their child?  Teachers communicate with parents on a regular basis regarding areas where students are struggling, incomplete homework, behaviour issues, … Continue reading →

Parent Night ~ A few tips

As we are well on our way within the school year, it is time to start and to also continue to build a collaborative relationship with the parents, caregivers, and guardians of the students we teach.  These nights are not … Continue reading →